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Day 2

LexTeach Workshop

LexTeach is a project offered by the Asian Association for Lexicography to promote lexicography to the public. The project seeks to disseminate dictionary knowledge essential for users to understand how dictionaries could meet their needs. Such needs include learning and/or teaching English as a foreign language.

Anyone who is interested in knowing more about dictionaries or lexicography. LexTeach lectures and workshops focus mainly on EFL dictionaries like: Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary; Collins COBUILD English Language Dictionary; Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English; Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary; and Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary.

LexTeach lectures and workshops would be particularly of relevance to 1) EFL students (Upper intermediate to Advanced) and 2) English teachers who want to teach students how to use dictionaries to learn English.

◆ 10:30-12:30 Amy M L Chi “How to integrate the use of English Learners’ Dictionaries in class to teach vocabulary”

◆ 12:30-14:00 Lunch Break

◆ 14:00-14:45 Vincent Ooi “Lexicographic evidence in dictionary-making”

◆ 14:50-15:35 Yuri Komuro “The power of dictionaries: How dictionaries can help you with precision and depth in expression”

◆ 15:40-16:25 Shigeru Yamada “Teaching the use of EFL dictionaries with focus on definition”

◆ 16:30-17:00 Discussion

How to apply: Fill out the registration forms via the links (to be posted) provided. All details of the LexTeach 2024 will be given in the registration forms. Application is FREE and is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. LexTeach is supported by ASIALEX 2024 for free. Participants DO NOT need to register for ASIALEX Conference 2024 to join.

Find the details here: Invitation to LexTeach_public



Day 3

Editors talk: Teaching the use of English-Japanese dictionaries in this digital age


Part 1 (Japanese session)
Chair: Shigeru Yamada (Waseda University)

◆ 9:00-9:40 Kaoru Akasu (Toyo University; Editor of Lighthouse English-Japanese Dictionary, 7th ed., 2023, Kenkyusha)
「英和辞典を使う際に求められるもの」(What you need to know when using English-Japanese dictionaries)

◆ 9:45-10:25 Nagayuki Inoue (Hiroshima University; Editor of Wisdom English-Japanese Dictionary, 4th ed., 2019, Sanseido)
「学習辞典で基本語を引く」(Looking Up Common Words in Learners’ Dictionaries)

◆ 10:25-10:35 Break

Part 2 (English session)
Chair: Shigeru Yamada (Waseda University)

◆ 10:35-11:15 Hirosada Iwasaki (Tsukuba University; Editor of Favorite English-Japanese Dictionary, 4th ed., 2021, Tokyo Shoseki)
“Countermeasures to the problems among learners who do not use dictionaries: Dictionary search instruction and AI utilization”

◆ 11:20-12:00 Yukio Tono
“The relationship between dictionary reference skills and English proficiency levels from CEFR perspectives”